Just a short update about Atos and how to complain

Great post. Let’s all clog up Atos’s “work capabiliy”.



Thanks to the Facebook group Just Say No to Disability Benefit Cuts and Welfare Reforms for the above image.

Basically, this post is an addendum to my post about ESA and the WCA.  In the ‘Complaints’ section, I directed readers to Atos top dog Ursula Morgenstern.  However, there are lower level serfs you can also complain to, as pictured above.  As someone recently commented, let’s clog up their work capability!  Bombard ’em if you are able folks 😉

As some of you may know, the appeals process is also changing; we’ll be publishing details of this, but we want to read through the DWP’s literature first so we can work out the best way to support and advise our readers.  I’ve just had a brief read through and the literature mentions ‘Mental Function Champions’, who and whatever they may be, to improve Atos’s record with and understanding of mental health…

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