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Achieve Your Potential Or Starve, The Government’s Real Message To Young Disabled People

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Atos-for-profitAny campaign from this Government which claims to support disabled people should be viewed with suspicion and the latest offering from the DWP is no exception.

The department yesterday put out a press release boasting: “Celebrities have joined forces with the government to help launch a campaign aiming to promote positive role models for disabled people.”

This campaign features a youtube channel where 50 videos have been posted which have “been produced with a focus on overcoming barriers”.  Many of these videos are unsurprisingly about disabled people who have high flying careers, such as Dame Anne Begg, or are stories of disabled entrepreneurs.

The accompanying press release includes a gushing quote from Emmerdale actor Kitty McGeever explaining how after becoming disabled it ‘took some time to get back into work’ but she managed it with the help of the Government’s Access To Work scheme.

This scheme provides funding for…

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Action on casualisation: HPL toolkit published

I attended UCU’s Anti-Casualisation organising conference and workshop . Really fabulous. Lots of really good practical suggestions for organising the hardest-to-recruit workers in higher education: those on the really shitty contracts – hourly-paid lecturers and fixed-term contract staff.

But the single most useful thing I got out of today was this fabulous anti-casualisation toolkit developed by UCU’s London Region. Really excellent.

Action on casualisation: HPL toolkit published.