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Sanctions vote passes – now to build on the ground

A welcome outcome from the PCS Conference. Respect to the folk in PCS who worked so hard to brin this about

Civil Service Rank & File Network

2013-05-21 12.46.13Delegates voted overwhelmingly for a motion on non-cooperation with sanctions at PCS Annual Delegate Conference. However, whilst welcome, this only marks a beginning. The task now is to win the argument for and build an explicitly political, rank-and-file led campaign on the ground.

The debate on the role of DWP staff in the sanctions regime has been brewing for a long time. However, thus far the leadership of PCS have side-stepped the debate, suggesting both that non-cooperation wasn’t deliverable and that it wasn’t being called for by staff directly involved. This position has already been forced to shift dramatically in the space of months.

Ahead of conference, several branches submitted motions on non-cooperation with sanctions. When it was revealed that, on legal advice, all were omitted from debate under the union’s rules it caused an uproar that thrust the issue to centre stage.

Claimants groups including Boycott Workfare, Disabled People…

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We need to talk about gender violence in anarchist groups/spaces.

Definitely. And bullying. And prejudice against disabled people.


It happens, it happens a lot, more than a lot of
people think. Having good politics doesn’t mean someone isn’t capable of being
abusive in their own life but refusing to take accusations of abuse seriously
because the accused is such a “good anarchist” is a sign of pretty shitty

This is a discussion that needs to happen and as frustrating as it is it
probably needs to happen many times and the discussion needs to be led by those who have experienced abuse, even if it means people who are used to being heard have to sit back, be quiet and listen.

Too many people (predominately women) have had to withdraw from activism and anarchist organising because of abuse, while abusers face little if any social
consequences for their actions. This is a topic I really want to write more
about but at the moment it is too raw a…

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