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CALLOUT – Sunday 31st August – Stop NATO action against securitisation and policing

South Wales Anarchists

In preparation for the NATO summit, the authorities have put a giant fucking wall around parts of Cardiff and Newport. Local people do not want this wall – it prevents access to public grounds and services, disrupts essential travel and is an ugly visible reminder of the increasingly militarised zone that Cardiff and Newport have become in advance of this Summit.

Whilst they are in no way equivalent, we are mindful of the daily plight of the Palestinian people, hemmed in by giant walls that prevent them from accessing sufficient provisions, medical care or shelter from the prolific murderous Israeli attacks that have recently claimed thousands of lives. We stand against all those states and corporations which would seek to profit from human misery, division and securitisation.

Meet us at 3pm on Sunday 31st August at the security gates nearest to the Nye Bevan statue in Cardiff (west end of Queen Street, opposite the Castle) to make our feelings known.

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Cape Town university ‘alienates blacks, perpetuates whiteness’

Sad. 20 years after I was an undergraduate at Africa’s top university, things don’t seem to have changed much for black students.


Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Black students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) feel overwhelmed by the institution’s “whiteness” even though efforts are underway create a more inclusive campus.

This was among early findings of a research project by a UCT psychology department lecturer, Shose Kessi. This week she presented her talk: Coming to UCT: Black students, transformation and the politics of race.

Her research explores “how to address issues of identity, such as race, class, and gender, that impact on people’s participation in transformation efforts”.

The Harvard University fellow, with a doctorate from the London School of Economics, told a small gathering that UCT is “really good at posing” when it comes to racial integration.

She interviewed 24 students who were black, coloured and Indian to find out “how black students are isolated when they come to UCT”.

“When I went to university it was liberating. For these students…

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Morning Star cover-up of domestic abuse allegation sparks crisis and resignations

I have always been a supporter of the Morning Star, and it saddens me that yet another institution of the Left has proved itself to be seriously lacking on the gender-equality front.

Shiraz Socialist


Above: Caroline Leneghan

An extraordinary crisis has erupted at the Morning Star (de facto mouthpiece of the British Communist Party), resulting in the resignations of the editor and the company director. It stems from reporter Rory McKinnon’s questioning of the RMT leadership over allegations of domestic abuse against the union’s assistant general secretary Steve Hedley (which Shiraz covered here).

McKinnon, who resigned from the Star on 25 July, has written an account of what happened at the blog Another Angry Woman. This is important, not least because much of the British trade union movement funds the Morning Star (without reference to its membership):


This is a guest post by Rory McKinnon. Content warning for domestic violence. It is published with permission of the survivor.

“The public have no right to know”: how the Morning Star threatened to sack me for reporting domestic violence allegations

My name’s Rory MacKinnon, and…

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